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Entering the workforce as a student or recent grad is extremely intimidating as it is, and now most workplaces are fully work from home. I myself have been applying for internships and I find myself reaching for the same go-to interview outfit.

As a student, I never thought that having a personal stylist to help me sort through my clothes, give me advice, and provide styling tips was realistic. Style App is an app that connects you to a personal stylist for virtual styling services. Whatever your styling needs are, whether it’s help cleaning out your closet, putting together looks, or finding some new pieces to add to your wardrobe, Style App can help. 

Through the Style App I was connected virtually with Amalia, a personal stylist who was so helpful! I explained my current style and goals that I was looking for help with, and expressed how I wanted to incorporate more business attire into my wardrobe for when I enter the workplace, I have outfits to be confident in. She gave a list of local stores to check out and gave recommendations for styles and clothes that would work well with things I already owned. She also went through my closet with me and brainstormed new ways to wear my favorite pieces, or how to make them office ready. 

I have always loved and used fashion as a way to express myself and my personality. I was asking for advice to transition my style to be office ready while still expressing my personality. I have always been a fashion enthusiast but having a fresh pair of eyes to spice up the outfits I was tired of was so beneficial. 

Amalia shared some great tips for outfits for interviews – one being to include some colour. It can be easy to get lost in our zoom background so don’t be afraid to accessorize with some necklaces or earrings and add a pop of colour! 

Style App offers so many virtual services and with the spring season around the corner there is no better time for a closet edit and update! I thought that getting a personal stylist was only for the rich and famous and that is not the case. To all the students and recent grads or any fashion enthusiast, having a stylist is actually attainable with Style App. It is such a great service for everyone to help take the stress of not knowing what to wear away.

It truly is an impressive addition to the evolving fashion and styling industry. Worth recommending!

Check out their website and let us know your experience!

Written by: Madison Vessie

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