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Magazine Issue 2023

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Humber college presents

Infuse Magazine

Infuse Humber is a Toronto-based fashion magazine run by Humber students. It showcases many topics including fashion, beauty, and lifestyle.

From networking with industry professionals, opportunities at the Fashion Institute, engaging with guest speakers, fashion week opportunities, etc, Infuse offers it all!

Photographer: Christopher Tuzi

Photographer: Celestail

Photographer: Claire Bobert

INFUSE team of 2022 - 2023

Want to get a glimpse of what happens behind the magazine? Check out the Infuse team at work!

Video Project Manger: Nusayabah Samrin
Videographer: Ksenia Sharova | Cara Macrae
Ksenia Sharova
Film Maker

Rachel Paterson

"This magazine issue is without a doubt the most exciting and fulfilling project I have ever had the honour of working on."

Melania Cammalleri

"I want a hard copy!"

Reza fatima

"The experience helped me build a strong network and gain job opportunities in my field."

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