Bazaar In What? Bazaar In Bloom!

Written By: Allie Donovan

Welcome to Fashion arts and Business Eco-Closet marketplace bazaar in bloom. This fashion event took place at the North Humber Campus. Here, students of the event planning and budgeting course created an event to shop preloved clothing where all proceeds go to Youth without Shelter. Within this event not only were you able to purchase second hand clothing which has been donated by students but also in attendance were amazing vendors selling their own products. From beauty supplies to reworked items, this was the place to be. 

Walking into this event you are welcomed by students providing warm smiles and flyers with information about the event, prices and a pamphlet for a scavenger hunt! As you walk in you feel the calming atmosphere for every inch of eyesight there was twinkling lights and flowers embracing the curves of the room, a blooming marketplace welcoming all to shop, interact and have fun. 

The Vendors were such a sweet surprise as they were lined up against the walls of the room, to see such talent come to life was astonishing and amazing to see the student body interact with the sellers and their products. What a great way to build relationships and a community within themselves and our school and most of all, an amazing opportunity for exposure.

Waltzing to the middle of the floor with gracious farewells to our wonderful vendors, was the main event. Tables after table and rack on top of racks, the inventory of the second-hand clothing was insane!  You can tell the sales floor has been well thought out as it was easy to shop, these students made it very accessible. While being distracted by the donated closet, ICYMI there were stylists on standby! With their own section and table, there were a set of students offering styling sessions. Don’t know what to look for? Don’t know what to wear? No need to sweat, they got you covered. This was an exceptional interactive piece to their eco marketplace. 

Slowly inching away with gratitude to our stylists, you just needed a picture in your new outfit! Just ahead students created a space for a Photo Booth. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, the wall was glistening with butterflies, draped with lazy vines, and shining with sunflowers. These students really showcased their talent with staying true to the theme and going out and beyond for this event. It was incredible to see so many new and familiar faces all with smiles plastered to their faces. An event like this, adding in a Photo Booth lured in an abundance of people just to get their photo taken, it was so captivating to see this whole thing come together and watching students, faculty and guest filled with joy embracing the Bazaar in Bloom. 

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