Humber and Yorkdale collaboration: A Lunar New Year delight!

Written by: Iren Minka

Beginning the semester with a flourish, this year’s Fashion Industry Analysis students embarked on an exciting collaboration with Yorkdale, Canada’s premier shopping center, to craft a Lunar New Year gift guide tailored to Yorkdale’s clientele. Throughout the project, students benefited from the out-of-class experience by gaining first-hand insight into Yorkdale’s strategic merchandising and marketing approaches aimed at resonating with customers during the Lunar New Year festive season.

Each group invested considerable effort into analyzing Yorkdale’s customer demographics and shopping behaviors, leveraging both quantitative data and qualitative observations. Students identified key customer segments and tailored their gift guide recommendations to resonate with diverse tastes and preferences. They delved deep into consumer psychology, exploring how perceptions of luxury, tradition, and cultural resonance influence purchasing decisions during festive seasons.

Moreover, students immersed themselves in the intricacies of Lunar New Year customs and traditions, conducting thorough research to ensure their gift guide offerings aligned seamlessly with the symbolism and significance associated with this occasion. They explored the nuanced meanings behind traditional gifts, auspicious colors, and symbolic motifs, striving to strike a balance between cultural authenticity and contemporary appeal.

After weeks of intensive preparation, students meticulously refined their presentations to ensure they encapsulated the essence of the Lunar New Year celebration while showcasing Yorkdale’s offerings in the most compelling light. On January 29th, anticipation and excitement filled the air as students gathered at the Yorkdale head office to showcase their crafted presentations to their senior marketing team. With poise and professionalism, each group delivered compelling narratives, supported by visually stunning slides, immersive videos, engaging anecdotes, and data-driven insights.

In the aftermath of the presentations, Yorkdale’s marketing team deliberated on the merits of each gift guide concept. Impressed by the depth of research, creativity of presentation, and alignment with Yorkdale’s brand values, the team ultimately selected the winning group’s gift guide to feature on the Yorkdale website. It was a moment of triumph and validation for the students, affirming their ability to make meaningful contributions to the fashion industry landscape through collaborative innovation and strategic insight.

Overall, the Yorkdale project helped students in the Fashion Industry Analysis class build on a number of skills outlined in the course’s learning outcomes. They learned how to collaborate with an industry partner as well as their team members, in the board meetings scheduled with this large Canadian conglomerate’s senior marketing team, they worked on developing their professionalism as well as perfecting their communication skills.

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