Tips for a flawlessly Dewy makeup look

Don’t we all love the look of fresh, hydrated and glowing skin? Well, that is what the dewy makeup trend is all about. With spring right around the corner, now is the perfect time to master your makeup skills so you can look like a glowing goddess. From skin prep to the final touches, here’s all you need to know about this beautiful look. Lets dive in!

Skin Prep Is Essential

To make your makeup look extremely perfect, a good canvas is the right start. That means, regular skincare, good nutrition and the right amount of H2O can do wonders. Also, always remember to exfoliate and use a gentle moisturizer along with sunscreen if you’re stepping outside.

Prime Your Face

A good primer especially an illuminating primer can make you achieve the perfectly dewy finish with minimal effort. We think it’s a worthy investment. Choose one that suits your skin and creates a base for easy makeup application.

Liquid Foundation

A dewy look is all about glowing skin and a liquid foundation will work much better as compared to a stick foundation or a matte foundation. Also, the key here is to use a damp makeup blender that will make the foundation glide onto your skin and that allows for easy application. You could also mix in a little of your tinted moisturizer for a hydrated finish.

Creamy Concealer and Blush

The goal here is to stay away from products that mattify your face and so, using a creamy concealer and a blush is the way ahead. A creamy blush is an ideal way to add some more illumination.

Liquid Highlighter

This is the most important step to achieving that ultimate dewy look. Chisel your cheekbones with a highlighter shade of your choice. You can also add some to your collar bones to feel extra glamorous.

Gloss or Tinted Lip Balm

Add some illumination to your lips with a liquid gloss or a tinted lip balm for that perfect glossy pout.

Setting Spray and Facial Mist

Make sure to finish your look with a hydrating setting spray that intensifies the glow on your face. If you have a long day ahead, make sure you carry a facial mist along so that you can hydrate your face all throughout the day.

Pro Tip – Don’t go overboard with the shine

Even though dewy makeup is all about intense hydration and illumination, make sure to not overuse your highlighter, your gloss or your facial mist. The secret is to keep your look minimal and use just the right amount of product.

Let us know what you think about these steps and what is your personal routine?

Written by: Nicole Fernandes

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