Toronto Fashion featuring OKAYOK

OkayOk is Toronto based clothing brand for women, men and children, they have a physical location at Junction Triangle in Toronto. The collections are made from cotton basics which are often complemented with various other statement pieces, the brand prioritizes comfort, ease with modern aesthetic.

They have handmade textile and prints. Their cotton fabrics are milled locally in Scarborough and Montreal. Their un-dyed basics are sewn in Etobicoke. While all designs and patterns are made in house.  Just like infuse, local fashion is important to them as well.

They have a great collection of various prints and amazing graphics. The highlighted fact is what the company believes in. They try to keep their suppliers local and establish great relations with them.

You can shop their amazing styles at:


Facebook: Okayok­­­­­­­

Instagram: @hey.okayok

Written by: Priyanka Vohra

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