Spring Fashion trends in 2021

Spring; it’s more than just sunny skies and relaxing rain with beauty blooming all around us. It’s about exciting colours, relaxed flowy clothing, accessories galore and best of all, new fashion trends! Spring 2021 fashion trends are playful and exciting, a flash from the past and we’re living for everything about it – let’s take a look!

  • Loose, Flowy, Airy

This minimalistic, airy & comfortable look is a stunning timeless look which is trendier than ever this spring! Being a personal go to vibe, this trend is one that will compliment everyone regardless of age, body type, and most occasions. Whether you’re having a picnic, shopping day or workday, this look is definitely one that everyone must try!

  • Dad Sandals

Let’s get real, we all owned a pair in the 90’s/early 2000’s era. Don’t be shy, they were also your comfiest pair of shoes. These dad sandals are back and making a debut this spring 2021, from high end designers to your favourite retailers. With these making a comeback, the question of ‘style or comfort’ is out of the picture because with these you’ll be getting the best of both worlds this season!

  • Small Rectangle Sunglasses

Complimenting nearly all face shapes, these sunglasses are a must-have this season! Sunny skies and pretty eyes will be the new moto with these stunning shades, and you’ll want to get your hands on these as soon as you possibly can. Best part is, they’re easy to find in most of your favourite stores!

  • 70’s Prints & Patterns

Oh yes, you read that right. The 70’s are back with fun prints & patterns for all your favourite dresses, tops and bottoms! Although this trend may not be everyone’s cup of tea, it definitely is the perfect opportunity to experiment and play with some bold trendy pieces. Just like fashion itself, patterns are a form of art and encourage you to express yourself from simple to intricate pieces!

  • Schoolgirl

This cute schoolgirl trend screams early 2000’s! Cheerful & simple, this trend is diverse & can be worn by the girliest of us, to the most casual. It’s time to dig out those sweater vests & plaid skirts, because this comeback is one we didn’t know we needed, and couldn’t be happier about!

Are you as excited for this spring season as we are? Which of these trends are your favourite and what will you be styling in this spring 2021? Don’t forget to let us know!

Written by: Zoya Abbas

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