Acid Wash Denim Is The New Craze

Written By: Kayla Lazarovic


As we know, denim itself will never go out of style. This being said, the way we choose to style the classic fabric is constantly evolving. Recently, we have seen the popularity increase for a looser and more oversized wide leg jean compared to years before when high rise skinny jeans were all the rage. Other popular denim trends include y2k low rise denim, patchwork  flare jeans, and slitted cuff denim. Denim has been a constant in 2022 and one of the most exciting trends to surface this year has been acid wash denim.


Acid wash denim is perfect for a more elevated and fashion forward look. Not only does it catch your eye, but it easily enhances any look with it’s distinct and  unique dye colouring. Technically speaking, acid wash denim is one of the more easy dying methods. Acid wash denim is most often coloured everywhere meaning if you purchase a pair of acid wash jeans, the inside of the pockets or inside of the pants will be the same colour. This unique dying method makes for an interesting and unusual look and is highly favoured by brands such as Acne, Helmut Lang, and Marni. Acid wash denim is also to thank for Diesel’s recent comeback. Their A/W 2022 collection incorporated heavy leathers, micro-skirts but most importantly, acid wash denim. 


Another variation of this technique incorporates heavy coloured denim fabric. Coloured acid wash is not as commonly seen but is extremely bold and eye-catching. If you are looking to spice up your wardrobe, investing in a quality coloured acid wash denim piece is sure to turn heads. Coloured acid wash is often sold in monochromatic denim sets but can also be worn solo as seen in the jacket above designed by Sandy Salierno. 

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