Mary Kay: “Enriching Lives Today for a Sustainable Tomorrow”Mary Kay:

Written By: Allie Donovan

Sustainability, Mary Kay and Their Promise


Now it may not come as a shocker as this era is all about maintaining a healthy lifestyle and all the fundamentals that come with it. We are witnessing all kinds of brands striving for a more sustainable business and cooperation process. There are plenty of eco-friendly brands and businesses that are thoroughly transparent about the process and manufacturing of their products. 

Mary Kay is a business and brand that has been thriving for nearly 60 years, throughout these years they have continuously upgraded and adapted to meet the needs of consumers and the community/environment as a whole. Their original leading slogan “Enriching women’s lives” supports all aspects of their functions; funding cancer research, empowering women, social impact, etc.  This slogan has now adjusted to continue their legacy, “Enriching lives today, for a sustainable tomorrow.” 

To keep a promise is a big commitment, especially to a huge audience of consumers and the public. For a business that has stayed grounded and growing for 60 years, it’s easy to say that Mary Kay is loyal and keeps their promises. 

Mary Kay’s promise to enrich lives today for a sustainable tomorrow is their holistic approach and all the practice and work they are putting into the process of manufacturing to packaging. This encompasseses with their strategy and this lies within the three dimensions of sustainable development that covers five of their sustainable pillars that are activated by 15 commitments to reach the set goal by 2030. 


What Mary Kay is Doing

There is a long list of all the things Mary Kay is pursuing to attain their sustainable goal and promise. Being as transparent as possible, the first to mention Mary Kay’s sustainable ways is responsible manufacturing. Mary Kay world headquarters, global manufacturing facility, global distribution, automated storage and retrieval system are all located in Texas which are powered by 100% renewable energy. Here are some main key objectives that Mary Kay is doing to enrich lives today for a more sustainable tomorrow. 

Decreasing the plastic usage and intensity by 30% curating more sustainable packaging, making more than 90% paper packaging from recycled materials or from certified sustainable sources, and ensuring that all sourced products are acquired in a responsible way by addressing ethical and environmental elements in the supply chain. 

Their responsible manufacturing consists of reducing carbon by 30%, utilization of water by 30% and diverting over 60% of waste from landfills. 


2030 and Beyond… 

There are many factors Mary Kay understands and that there is always room for improvement and continuous learning. They are holding themselves accountable to expand this kick off start of sustainability into 2030 and beyond. It’s amazing to see such huge, elder brands becoming sustainable and not only reaching the needs of their consumer market, but also taking care of the environment. One day at a time. Let’s see what Mary Kay 2030 has to offer.

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