Trend Alert: Cargo Skirts

Written By: Kayla Lazarovic

The utilitarian look has recently gained immense popularity after celebrities such as Bella Hadid introduce cargo skirts into their street style. The utility/cargo look was first popularized in the 1940’s during wartime due to an increased lack of supplies and a need for prices to remain low. The utilitarian look is majorly influenced by the army and consists of large pockets, a neutral colour pallet, and baggy but functional articles of clothing.


The cargo skirt trend emerged again in the 90’s for a short period of time with groups like Destiny’s Child representing the clothing style. The trend didn’t last long though and has recently surfaced again in Prada’s Autumn/winter 2019 menswear show. In the picture above, we can see the model wearing a cargo skirt with slight sheen that is designed to fit the model in a sort of oversized look. This is evident through the crinkles and folds visible on the skirt. The large four pockets on the skirt are really what give it that utility look and draw intrigue.


Cargo skirts can appear challenging to people in terms of styling, so lets take a look at how to approach this trend. For a more relaxed/chill vibe, I would suggest pairing a cargo skirt with a plain neutral baby tee. Black, white, or grey would do just fine! To accessorize, add on a minimal baguette bag, your go to chunky sneakers, and any pair of sunglasses. Cargo skirts are so versatile and can make any average look more captivating because of the skirts interesting texture, and layer element. For a more high fashion look, try pairing the skirt with knee high boots and a textured knit sweater (perfect for winter). Additionally, layer on a leather jacket and go crazy with jewelry! 


Some great places to find unique cargo skirts vary from thrift stores, to shopping apps like Depop and Vinted. Due to their popularity, cargo skirts are being introduced to more and more brands and can be found at Zara and Aritzia as well. For a cleaner look, cargo skirts can also be found at Zara and Aritzia.

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