This week’s breath-taking couture shows

Christian Dior “Le château du tarot”

Dior’s Spring-Summer 2021 haute couture collection

In “Le château du tarot,” managed by Matteo Garrone, the story is about a young woman who roams through the Tuscan palace and meets the living demonstrations of several of the Tarot’s Main Arcana—like “The Fool” who is the most powerful card in the Tarot, and “The High Priestess” The most intuitive, connected card—each wearing the Spring-Summer 2020 set.

As far as fashion is involved, there is plenty of Grazia Chiuri’s creative director of Dior usual hallmarks, including romantic garments, jacquard, and velvet.

“Justice” is a reminder that karma is real, wearing a high-necked green velvet gown, while “The Devil” card carries heavy feelings of restraint and powerlessness, the character is clad in a flesh-toned, lingerie gown with a big horn and devil wings. for a “Death” Dior’s translation of Death wears, mask with a crystal-encrusted executioner could represent the gravitation and importance of this event and blue veil.



Artistic director Daniel Roseberry presented the Schiaparelli showcases stunning, garments such as a black bustier on a black evening gown with an oversize surprising pink ribbon tied around the hips, while a caramel leather mini dress twinned six-pack abs with curvy formed buttocks, not to forget the magnificent statement accessories in all his looks.

Roseberry said he was inspired by founder Elsa Schiaparelli’s love of Surrealist fashions, the oversized embellishments on his stretch jackets and dresses seemed as chunky as ancient fossils, while the earrings were so huge, came with an attached headband.


Spring-Summer 2021 haute couture collection

Valentine unveiled their collection in a video called “Temporal”

Models walking around an ornate hall in the baroque Colonna Gallery in Rome. There were the usual wow moments of shimmering and sequin, in sleeveless tops coated in jewels, shiny platform heels, and a sparkly jumpsuit, but the main pieces of the daywear took center stage: bulky trench coats, Turtlenecks, poplin tops, and second-skin dresses.

Indeed a tough one to pick a favorite piece or look from all the mesmerizing collections. Let us know your favorite by commenting and don’t forget to hit like to the article. Stay tuned for more!

Written by: Jodi Al Hayek