Winter skincare tips

As we approach the time of extreme winter, it can be a havoc for your skin and leave the skin dry, itchy and irritated. The cold weather can leave the skin feeling raw, while indoor heat takes away moisture from the skin.

But in some simple ways one can combat extreme dry skin, including some easy changes in the daily skin care routine.

1. Humidifier to maximize moisture.

To encounter the drying effects of indoor heat, dermatologists suggest using a humidifier during winters. It can be a portable or a table top humidifier. Using it in the rooms you spend most time in at home and office, including the bedroom.

Hack: Keep a bowl full of water in the room to retain moisture!

2. Lower thermostat to avoid dryness.

Avoid increasing the heat of the heater, especially in case of a central heater, which makes the skin more dry, try maintaining the temperature at 68°F to 72°F to avoid extremely dry skin.

3. Reduce shower temperature and time

As tempting as a long hot shower looks, it makes the skin extremely dry, the suggested time is a 5-10 minute lukewarm shower during winters.

4. Modify the skin-care routine for the season

In winters it is better to use cream based cleaners. During the season it is specially advised not to use products that contain fragrances and alcohol as this can leave the skin dry and itchy. Use moisture rich fragrance free products to keep the skin moisturized.

5. Apply sunscreen, Yes! even during winters

The notion of applying sunscreen during summers is wrong, snow reflects 80% sunlight, which increases the exposure to UV rays. Which causes the same damage to the skin as a sunny day would.

6. Stay hydrated and eat healthy

Eat food that contains omega-3 or omega-6 fatty acids, such as fish oil and flaxseed oil, drink lots of liquid water, green and fruit juices. It’s not only important to keep the skin moisturised from outside, but nourishment from within is equally important to maintain a healthy moisturized skin during winters.

7. Wear appropriate comfortable clothing

Winter brings a lot of fabrics that irritate the skin, warm wool heavy sweaters can be worn but not in direct contact with the skin. It is suggested to wear soft light layers that don’t irritate the skin and let the skin breathe.

Let us know what your top picks for skincare are this week!

Written by: Kannan Kapadia

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