Canada-based brand- Naked & Famous

Written by: Gaurika Gupta

This Montreal-based brand has a new definition for denims. Their denim is unlike any other brand. Also, for their company’s marketing, they don’t much rely on any celebrity affirmation or huge ad campaigns, instead, they spend all that money sourcing the best denim from all over the world and turn those denim pieces into amazing jeans. The brand doesn’t believe in advertisement nor does it conduct any washes or pre-distress the jeans. It’s just raw denim presented to you at it’s best. 

Most of the denim is sourced from Japan. They work with multiple denim mills there developing some crazy material like glow-in-dark, rainbow-fade denim, reflective denim and many more. Though their material is sourced from Japan, all their material is brought back to Canada and everything like cutting and sewing is done in Montreal, Canada. 

The story behind their name is also very interesting, since they don’t get their promotion done by any celebrities, it is a satire of their world which is obsessed with celebrities. The sole reason is also to poke at “hollywood” and “glamor” brands that have jeans starting from $200 or more just because they are advertised by celebrities and not based on the material. The founders made a statement saying that they are probably the only luxury brand that is actually concerned about what they serve to their customers. 

The upcoming collection is Spring Summer 2022. Below is the poster for spring summer 2022:

Some of the most loved collections are:

Friday the 13th

Rick + Morty

Checkout their website here:

Talking about this brand made us want to buy denim from them. Let us know what you think about how they made their jeans? Would you buy from a brand that is this serious for their products? Looking forward to hearing from all of you guys. Bye now!

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