Hottest Trends this Spring & Summer season

The hottest season has finally come. This year’s fashion trends are to no surprise always exciting and new. It will be filled with vibrant colors, bold patterns, and recurring trends that we all love. 

Hot Pink 

Hot pink is one of the defining colors of Y2K fashion.  As Y2k comes back in style, it should be no surprise if you see hot pink coloured outfits and accessories everywhere. It’s vibrant and bold, and the perfect color to rock in the spring and summer season.

Platform sandals

Platforms are not going anywhere yet. Last season platform boots were all the rage and it’s safe to say people are still not over the platform trend just yet. This season platform sandals steals the spotlight.

Platform sandals are perfect to wear with a Y2k inspired outfit, but it also easily pairs with other styles, so keep an eye out for this trend!

Check pattern

If you love pop-punk rock, this is the comeback that you’ve been waiting for! The check patterned miniskirt, dress, and pants was popular in the pop punk rock era.

This trend was popularized in the 2000’s by artists like Avril Lavigne, and Paramore. It recently had its mainstream revival by current artists and celebrities such as Olivia Rodrigo and Willow Smith. 

Head Scarf

0’s inspired head scarves popularized by classic movie stars such as Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn, are also making a big comeback. Head scarves are classic accessories. It’s chic and can be worn many ways to suit your style


Wedges are another recurring fashion item. It had its debut in the 1940’s and made another wave in the 2010’s. Fashion lovers must miss the good old times, because wedges are suddenly everywhere.

Wedges come in different styles, but the most popular styles are straw wedge or woven styles that are perfect to pair with summer outfits. 

Which trend are you most excited to wear?

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