Canadian Fashion Featuring: Leah Alexandra – Spark Studios

Spark Studio, a jewelry brand based in Vancouver, British Columbia, is the new TikTok sensation. The brand was founded by Leah Belford (Leah Alexandra) in 2006. The brand started in Vancouver and soon opened up another store in Toronto, after a successful store-pop.

It became an instant hit in Toronto, attracting multiple demographics from people in their early 20s, couples, and families. It also became a TikTok hit as groups of friends made their way to get permanently wielded friendship bracelets.

Spark Studio offers timeless, elegant and dainty designs. It offers a variety of gold, silver, and white gold bracelets. The store also offers gemstone jewelleries.

Leah Belford’s unique and inspired jewelry pieces have been featured in notable magazines, such as Elle and Vogue. Several celebrities such as Camila Mendes, Reese Witherspoon and Jessica Alba.

Check it out here:

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