Trending Now: ‘Euphoria’ Looks That Are Breaking the Internet

Written by Jordana Di Pietro

With the second season of HBOs ‘Euphoria’ coming to a close, it’s safe to say that the new viral trends have flooded your timelines. 

Let’s recap the following looks and discuss the new trends which have been created. 

The makeup looks shown throughout Euphoria have caused hysteria across the internet. We have actress Alexa Demie who plays Maddy Perez on the show, shining with her silver metallic eyeshadow. The Metallic eyeshadow look was a very vintage look back in the early 2000s, but once it was shown on the character this season, multiple people have started to incorporate this style back into their makeup routines. 

We also have actress Sydney Sweeney, who played Cassie Howard on set. Although Cassie caused a bit of an uproar this season, fans were sure to pay attention to each detail. Diamonds have been Euphoria’s signature look from seasons one to two, nevertheless the trend has risen and is now starting to be used on runway and for photoshoots. Cassie displays a mock winged liner, outlined with diamonds. 

Thanks to TikTok, many recreations have been made in order to keep this trend a hot topic. 

The nails presented on the show have been a hot trend as well. Thanks to the show’s nail technician Natalie Minerva, each cast member got their own customized nails in order to fit their persona and individual styles. 

The black nails to the left were created for Alexa Demie (Maddy Perez) and the ones to the right for Sydney Sweeney (Cassie Howard). 

The shows die hard fans have started taking inspiration from the show and have attempted to recreate a set, or even created their Euphoria inspired nail sets. From different vibrant colors, intricate design combinations and of course.. Lots of Rhinestones!

You didn’t think we forgot to mention the new clothing trends did you?! 

Euphoria fashion has had a huge influence on this year’s trend status. The dress above in particular. Fans across the globe have searched high and low for the name of this dress after seeing Alexa Demie wear it in episode one.

Look no further! We have the name and brand of the dress for you.

This dress is called the “Damien Black mini dress” by Akna, retailing at $185.00 USD. After the episode aired, the dress sold out immediately making this a hot commodity. 

Did you watch this year’s season of Euphoria? Have you taken part in any of the trends displayed here? Let us know! 

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