“Why do I have nothing to wear?”

Written by: Shayan Ahmed

There are times when we all ask ourselves: “Why do I have nothing to wear?” I understand, Having something to wear isn’t as simple as having tones of clothes in your closet. Still, how do so many of us end up in a situation like this? It happens to all of us from time to time, but there are a few really simple reasons why it happens. In this article, we will cover some of the reasons why do you feel this way and we are combining up with some solution that might help you to overcome this challenge. 

Your lifestyle changed!

Perhaps you used to work in a more formal environment, but now you work somewhere more casual – and you haven’t created a wardrobe for the transition. Similarly, perhaps you enjoyed going to bars and concerts before kids, but now your social life is confined to casual dinners with other couples and family-oriented activities. 

Solution: Yes! You might need to purchase some new key items that fit your new lifestyle but that’s not all about it, instead, you can also repurpose your old pieces. 

For example: 

Take a basic plaid blaze that you normally wear with tailored pants or a matching skirt for big presentations, but those days are long gone. Why not add a simple t-shirt and jeans to that plaid blazer and push up the sleeves and flip up the collar for a more casual look? 

Not enough basics, but too many trends.

Buying trendy pieces once in a while is fun, but if they outnumber your classic staples, you will never be able to put together reasonable outfits.

Solution: Make sure you have a solid foundation of basics. Next time you are going shopping, think about the full outfits rather than focusing on how cute those print pants are because when you don’t have anything to match them, they will just take up space in your closet. 

Your clothes Don’t fit your preference:

Do you like everything in your closet? You might say most of it, but definitely, there are things that you like more than others. Generally, we wear about 25% of what’s in our closet – and 75% of it is rarely or never worn. Think about it this way – if you have 5 tops that serve the same function, there might be a few that you always grab. But there are probably 1 (or 2) that you almost never grab, that never ‘win’ their way out of the closet. A ‘never win item is something you don’t like enough to wear, or there is always something better. 

Solution: It’s time to take stock of what you really like in your wardrobe and what you don’t like enough to actually wear out of the house. Just because it is a gift or it is expensive doesn’t mean that it has to sit in your closet and never be seen again. Instead, you can sell it or donate it. 

You’re buying for the wrong reasons.

This is a common one. You are buying them just because it’s on sale, or because you don’t want to go home empty hands, or you are shopping because you are having a bad day and you want to treat yourself with some new pieces. But honestly,  unless you LOVE an item, do not buy it. 

Solution: Simple. Don’t buy unless you love it! This one will make a real difference, I promise!

These are 4 reasons why you might feel like you don’t have anything to wear along with possible solutions that we thought might help you!

In the comments tell us which one do you think is more related to you and which tip are you going to follow next time? 

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