Toronto fashion featuring: Leze the Label

By: Haransh Saini

Ever thought of wearing your PJs to work? Sounds bizarre right? But what if we told you that this was possible and that we have a brand that makes this possible? Okay, enough of building up!! Shout out to  Leze The Label that makes this possible.

We won’t lie, the minute we discovered this brand we knew we had to cover it! Next thing we knew was to make sure it reaches out to our audience because who wouldn’t  like to wear  a pair of comfortable pajamas to work.

Also, before we get into the details of the brand we are also giving you a heads up on how it’s pronounced. It’s pronounced ‘LEH-ZAY’ which in the brand’s terms means ‘lazy’ but ‘fancy’. Elaborated further, the co-founders wanted to not only make it feel but sound like the perfect blend of pajama feels and a polished structure.


The brand started out from a concerning void the founders felt in the market which was of not finding any workwear that was comfortable, recycled and presentable! Their repeated purchases over the years in the hunt of finding workwear that wasn’t overly expensive and flexible geared them up to build something of their own that could fill  this void. 

Another thing they have always deeply valued is being sustainable in their approach towards creating clothes and they have been actively, consciously and repeatedly instilling this in their brand ethics and values too.


As we all know that when it’s two founders behind a brand, each usually takes roles they are best at so as to divide the work systematically and strategically. The same is the case with Leze, where Tanya  (Left) manages all things business, finances and creative while Karen (Right) manages the logistics, marketing and also loves the community.

To have two voices but a similar vision and end goal can be challenging and comes with its own share of struggles but seeing the brand’s progressiveness it’s quite clear that these two girls as a team have aced it!!


The brand runs on three key aspects which is evident in their products as well as the practices they follow.

Freedom –  By Freedom, they mean being able to practice diversity in career through flexible, breathable, functional, structural and polished workwear catered to the modern working women of today.

Sustainability – Through Sustainability, they highlight the conscious retail practices of being socially and ethically responsible. 

Honesty – Honesty, promotes the need of being transparent in all their processes, and raising a voice for causes that reflect their values.


Their size chart goes from XS to 3XL which clearly indicates their efforts to be inclusive and cater to a wider range of audience.

A Little More Light On The Sustainability Grounds 

Being vocal and responsive in their practices towards caring for the planet, they use materials like coffee, beech trees, fishing nets and plastic bottles to manufacture their clothes.

We would highly recommend you visiting their website and reading through the ‘Sustainability’ page to learn more about the same. 

What’s Interesting

While scrolling through their website, what we found really interesting and different was their introduction of the team. Along with highlighting the job roles of their key team members, they have made an effort to describe one-two things that makes each of their members stand out along with mentioning one product from the brand that they love.

Honestly, this has added an authentic and personal touch to the about section. 



A relaxed fit, soft and cozy turtleneck sweater made with the luxurious blend of beech trees and recycled fishnets, this piece offers a four way stretch and is sweat-free too which is an added bonus when you are stuck in a long meeting!


Another sweater that’s worth mentioning is this boxy fit pull-over piece made using lush fabric derived from recycled fishnets. The minute detailing like the cinched waistline and a flattering V-cut makes all the difference in this sweater. And this sweater also has sweat-wicking properties. 


Finally the first set of professional PJ pants have made their debut! This classic number is made using recycled fishing net fabric that feels like cotton. What’s so promising about this piece is that it is made using anti-wrinkle technology that ensures you leave a professional and polished impression in your meeting and the soft-hand feel provides the comfort to sit at work for longer hours.


A sweater that’s perfect for days to laze or work in, made using moisture-wicking, recycled fishing net fabric. Key features of this piece are flexible boat-neck, cinched waist and defined puffy sleeves.


Say hi to another professional Pj/Jogger/Pant. The brand definitely vouches for the comfort of this piece that is made of anti-wrinkle and sweat-wicking technology and offers premium quality. Also, having recycled fishnets as it’s key fabric provides a great amount of adaptability ensuring  you look all polished and still relaxed. 

6. MIRA CARDI COAT – ALMONDThis beautiful, luxe cardigan is the amalgamation of a coat and cardigan. The deep pockets and wide sleeves add a strong definition to this piece. And ofcourse, the recycled fishing net fabric which ensures that the piece feels like a second skin on the body!

So, here is a brand vouching so strongly to provide comfort and ease yet still looking professional, polished and structured by selling the perfect ‘work leisure’ pieces. 

Which is your favorite piece? Do let us know in the comments section below. 

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