Spring 2022 Fashion Trends to look out for

Written by: Jordana Di Pietro

With the new year rolling in, we cannot wait to update our wardrobe with the hottest new trends coming this season! Last year, we got a look at the Y2K style trends which took the fashion industry by storm, but now It’s time to add some changes to your wardrobe this season. Here are some fashion trends to look out for this Spring 2022.

1. The Bridget

The Bridget is a new trending product released by Hush Puppies. The shoe has an extra cushion and a platform in order to give you that extra support. They’re also waterproof which will save you the hassle of ruining your new shoes during the rainy season. There’s nothing better than a new pair of shoes to start off the new season.

2. Maxi Dresses

Maxi Dresses make another appearance in a season of trends. Maxi dresses are an easy dress up or dress down clothing option depending on how styled. Addison Rae dresses up this piece with a coat and some jewellery making this the perfect combination of formal but casual chic. 

3. Platforms and Chunky shoes

Platforms and chunky shoes make their way around the cycle this season. We are obsessed with these for the spring season. When it comes to the many different colours and abstract styles, they are a necessity for you to have in your wardrobe!  

4. Baby Doll Tees 

Baby doll tees and crop tops have been a megatrend for years now. And this item of clothing is making its way around the trend cycle once again. This can be styled with a long trench and some high waisted pants in order to give that clean-cut look. 

5. Minimalists, do we have your attention? 

Have you ever heard the saying, “Simplicity is key”? Well this season, we’re aiming for that monochrome look. Spring is not just bright colours with funky patterns. That all-white look is a look that can be embraced all year round. In the photo above, the model is dressed to perfection in her all-white ensemble. 

Are you going to try any of these trends this spring season? Are you on board with the trends mentioned? Let us know in the comments!

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