The Top 5 Winter Essentials You Need In Your Wardrobe Right Now

Written by: Nicole Fernandes

There’s finally a drop in the temperature (which we’re pretty excited about) because that means we can finally get our winter outfits and warm coats ready! What we love most about the season is dressing up and layering all of our winter essentials to create a statement look. 

Now if you’re wondering what the top 5 winter essentials look like, we’ve got you covered. With the variety of options available online and in stores, you can surely be left confused. However, we’ve got you a curated list of the most stylish and versatile pieces you need this season. 

1. A Trench Coat

This goes without saying, a great trench coat can work wonders! If it’s structured, well-fitted, gives you just the right warmth and features a versatile neutral tone, you must buy it! Make sure you do your research and try on a few designs before you buy one because a trench coat is surely an investment piece.

2. A Stylish Sweater

A sweater can sure be comfortable and cozy but finding one that makes you look uber chic and stylish, can be tricky. A lot of sweaters are oversized and offer that casual laid back look. This season, look for one that you can pair over a cute skirt and stockings. 

3. The Ultimate Winter Coat

Now, to beat those dreadful snowy days that are coming your way, a really good winter coat preferably down-filled is what you should keep an eye out for. Look for one that will complement your many outfits and that’s functional too.

4. Winter Boots

You surely do not want to be slipping over ice on a cold winter morning, right? We suggest investing in a really good pair of winter boots that will look good no matter what the occasion. It will also prevent you from slipping and will be perfect for the season.

5. Coloured Scarves and Accessories

Adding some colour to your white snowy days can help elevate your look in a matter of seconds. From pop coloured scarves to printed socks and knitted headbands, a few accessories will really brighten up your winter days. 

So go ahead and add these to your shopping list for the upcoming winter days. Once you style them, remember to tag us @infusehumber

Happy Shopping!

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