The Evolution of Fashion Trends

Written by: Zoya Abbas

Fashion is one of the most fast-paced and ever-evolving industries. With trends constantly changing and evolving, what seems to heavily influence these changes is purely the worldly matters around us: politics, cultural shifts and of course, social media. Currently, we’re all living in a time that’s made for the history books. From the global pandemic to various human rights movements, we’re finding ourselves in tough, difficult times in the world. What does that mean in the fashion industry? A huge shift in trends with a sense of familiarity.

The industry has been shifting in a way that can comfort and soothe people, and take them back to simpler times; which means creating a sense of nostalgia where people who reminisce about the past can actually relive those days by means of fashion trends and clothing. For example: The Y2K fashion trends that are currently trending have made us all take a step back and bring a piece of our past selves forward by means of exploring our past fashion identities. Whether we were kids, young adults or living our best mature years, this is a time that brings most of us warmth and comfort during difficult times.

Fashion is exciting and expressive, and each individual utilizes it as something that represents them during different periods of their lives. Let’s take a closer look:

Interesting, right? Take a look at these images listed below to get an insight on that nostalgia trend we’ve mentioned above.



Each era of fashion has its own uniqueness, and we often find ourselves especially gravitating towards certain eras that we find really represent us, whether it’s our personality or style.

Which era would you say best represents you? The roaring 20s, the 90s or something else?

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