The Adidas Samba Takeover

Written By: Kayla Lazarovic

The Adidas Samba shoe is notably one of the hottest in the footwear market. Celebrities spotted rocking the style include Kendall Jenner, Frank Ocean, Emma Chamberlain, including so many others. The Samba Is the perfect combination of casual and cool. The versatile shoe can be worn with a sporty look and is perfect for a fun streetwear vibe. This shoe is almost constantly sold out on the Adidas website as its popularity has dramatically increased throughout 2022 and is still highly in demand in the new year. Looks like the Samba is going to be sticking around for a while.


This iconic shoe is in fact meant for cycling but has transformed into every fashion lover’s staple sneaker. The shoe’s most popular colorway is available in black and white. It doesn’t end there, there are so many more bold and unique Samba styles, such as a navy blue edition with red stripes and green Samba with white stripes. 


Adidas continues to excel in the world of trendiness as the rise of the Samba takes over and dominates the sneaker game. The shoe style will likely remain a classic just like the New Balance 530’s as well as Nike Air Force 1’s. Over the years, Adidas has transformed its image from a brand for sports lovers to a brand for both fashion and sports lovers. 


Creative influencers all over social media adore Samba and share different ways that they go about styling the shoe. One of my favorite fashion influencers is Maina Suarezz who stands out from other fashion influencers with her unique and fashion-forward style. She often pairs items together that you wouldn’t usually think go together, yet she manages to create eye-catching looks. In the photo above, she pairs the original Samba with a tan cargo skirt alongside a contrasting silver Telfar crossbody bag and oversized navy flannel. The Samba can be styled in countless ways, so make sure you keep an eye out for when they come back in stock!


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