Mary Phillips Reveals The “It” Girl Makeup

Written By: Allie Donovan


Hello new makeup trend for 2023! Looking at celebrities and their makeup you tend to wonder who is doing magic to their skin.  Especially the two it girl best friends, one part of the Karjenner family and the other is the wife of Justin Bieber. Their makeup artist Mary Phillips spills all the tricks to the flawless, sculpted, magic makeup she creates for Hailey and Kendall. 


Bieber Fever

Now there have been many stirs surrounding Hailey Bieber’s personal makeup routine with the bare minimum of products she uses. With that being said, she comes out looking flawless like a glazed doughnut. But the nights on her outings, if she’s going to dinner with hubby or is walking the red carpet, she is looking snatched and ready to take on the town. I would love my makeup to be as simple but so flawless as well, but how? Keep reading and we’re going to find out. 



Kendall Jenner, you hear or see the name and it really speaks for itself. For anyone who keeps up with the Kardashians knows that Kendall is the highest top paid model. Naturally beautiful, Kendall is the opposite of her sister Kylie and usually wears some to no makeup at all. But when she does, Mary Phillips truly gets the job done. 


Mary Phillips and her Makeup

Phillips is an A-lister makeup artist. Since she dropped her technique, it is going viral. Time to get unused to your normal routine and the usual norm of your step-by-step makeup. Contour and highlight (concealer)  prior to your base foundation. Phillip says “It’s like laying down the bones under the skin.”  

Do your skincare, get your moisturizer on, lay down your (cream or liquid) contour then concealer, and blend. Lastly, add your foundation. You will be left with sculpted fresh skin with the hint of feeling like a Jenner or a Bieber. Thank you, Mary Phillips! 

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