The 14 Year Old Canadian Model Making History on The Runway

Written By: Abigail Puskas

Fashion Art Toronto recently wrapped up its Fashion week and one Toronto model made history during opening night. Monika Myers is a 14 year old model and she was the first model with Down syndrome to walk the runway in Toronto. 


She walked on the runway thanks to indigenous designer Lesley Hampton and Amelia Tuu. Monika started the year walking in Toronto Kids Fashion week then went on to walk in NYFW for Primark where she was the first Canadian model with Down syndrome to be featured in both fashion weeks. She said that she has always loved fashion and that Down syndrome does not define her. She sees it as just a small part of who she is. 


The fashion industry has had many issues in the past with inclusivity but only recently has that started to change. Back in 2020 Gucci made Ellie Goldstein the face of Gucci beauty. Madeline Stuart has been featured in many magazines since 2015. Both these model with Down syndrome are a part of the change in the fashion industry and now Monika Myers is doing the same. She says that both Madeline Stuart and Ellie Goldstein are inspirations to her because they don’t let the things they can’t change limit what they can do. 


Her story is inspirational and she uses her platforms to spread kindness. She created a business selling bracelets called “I am Brave and Beautiful” which she truly is. She is also an ambassador for Youth Day Global. Her goal is to inspire people and make sure they know that our differences are what make each of us beautiful. She is just getting started in her career and as she said “I love this dream and I’m going to take it as far as it goes”.

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