Sustainable Beauty Brands To Keep An Eye Out For

Written By: Kayla Lazarovic

We all have our go-to makeup brands that we reach for on a daily basis, I know I definitely do! Although I have my favorites, I started to wonder how familiar I was with what was in my makeup products, and how they were packaged. I have recently embarked on a journey to find more sustainable and eco-friendly options when it comes to all things makeup related. In a world filled with so much plastic and waste, it’s important to consider our environment, and how the products we use affect it. After doing a little digging, I have found some eye-catching alternatives that may be a better and more eco-conscious choice to include in your everyday makeup routine!

Izzy Zero Waste Beauty 


Izzy is a beauty line that prioritizes our environment by creating clean and cruelty-free products. All of Izzy’s products are 100% reusable, recyclable, and certified Carbon Neutral. So what does zero-waste packaging really mean? Izzy beauty ships out all orders in a reusable box with no outer packaging. All of their beauty products are also packaged in American-made stainless steel tubes that are made to be cleaned and refilled over ten thousand times! Sometimes when we consider our values regarding sustainability, we only think of how our land is impacted whether that be from substantial landfills or more co2 emissions from factories creating our products. It is easy to forget about how the ocean is affected during these processes. Izzy stands out by ensuring all the water used in their antibacterial cleansing process is reused over and over again, rather than being dumped into the ocean.

Antonym Cosmetics 


Antonym is a beauty line that zeros in on the quality of clean and natural ingredients. Sometimes 100% natural ingredient makeup items can have poor quality performance and appear dull. Antonym’s mission is to change that by creating a natural beauty line with excellent pigmentation, wear, blending, and performance. The line has been praised by Elle magazine, Cosmopolitan, and several red-carpet makeup artists. Antonym shoots down the idea that natural makeup must equal a natural makeup look! The brand found a way to create clean and gentle products that have strong and lasting performance. Not only are the ingredients natural, but all products are packaged in bamboo compacts with outer packaging created from recycled paper.



RMS Beauty is a cosmetics line that was launched in 2009. The brand has taken multiple sustainability initiatives such as packing products in recyclable glass jars and easy-to-recycle aluminum tubes. In the last year, the brand has also introduced the idea of refillable packaging for a few of its products! RMS also takes pride in producing clean ingredient makeup products for their customers.

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