Our Team

Humber College Students

Meet our team of an inclusive, diverse, talented, hardworking and creative group of Humber fashion students working to make our magazine issue a success every year!

The girl's portrait.

Editor In Chief

Iren Minka

Editoral Assistant

Nathalie Gomez

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Art Directors

Claire Bobert

Iren Minka


Avneet Kaur Saluja

Social Media Manager

Nusayabah Samrin

Project Manger and Website Coordinator

Sarah Tasnim

Content Manager

Content Writers

Kayla Lazarovic

Allie Donovan

Abigail Puskas

Tarnjot Kaur

Hoimanti Saha

Social Media

Cara Macrae

Pinterest Team

Antonella Loza

Pinterest Team

Jade Florendo

TikTok Team

Kaly Nguyen

TikTok Team

Tara Desic

TikTok Team

Priyanka Chowdhury

Instagram Team

Archita Chhetri

Instagram Team

Brennan Sykes

Instagram Team

Suvetha Nagappu

Twitter Team

Hafsa farhan

Twitter Team

Want to get a glimpse of what happens behind the magazine? Check out the Infuse team at work!

Behind the scenes footage by: Tran Thien Phu, Ovan Vassell & Tyler Gies
Alex Silas
Film Maker
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