LE CAPSOLE – A newfound brand we can’t get our eyes off

Written By: Haransh Saini

While minimal and capsule wardrobes consist of pieces that you can get the maximum wear out of, sometimes dressing those pieces can be quite challenging. So, whenever we are all stuck in our head and facing a major fashion crisis, we look up to fashionistas like Emelie Lindmark. She is always giving us A+ cute, chic, and modern everyday looks. 

And, do you know what makes us even more excited? This expert in classics recently launched her very own label – Le Capsole. The brand has pieces that are thoughtfully and consciously crafted as they are made of 100 % Organic Cotton or Tencel. The collection has a few pieces for now with no compromise when it comes to quality and fit. 

Below, we will be walking you through their pieces in detail. 

1. Copenhagen Blazer

Being a blazer girl, this piece had to be in Emelie’s collection. It was a no-brainer! The garment is a bit thicker than usual, which gives it an expensive look. The Criss-cross cut at the back adds that much needed definition to the piece. And the best part is, it can be your go to for all the seasons.

2. Stockholm dress

A dress that will never go out of your wardrobe unless you get tired of it. It’s one piece that can be styled up or down and always stand out. A bit of a loose silhouette makes it relaxed, comfy and cozy.

3. Mocha Top

Looks like she took her love for coffee way too seriously. It’s all in the name and the colour of course. The slim fit and the stretchy fabric makes sure to accentuate the figure and this top can be easily used as an inner or just let alone. 

4. Tote on the GO!

A bag suitable for work or running the usual errands, it’s just the perfect size with ample amount of storage space.

5. London Polo

The London polo is a unisex versatile piece available in two colours. We have realized that although classics are the key basics, adding a little detail here and there can make all the difference. And with this polo, the zipper detail is the standout. Another thing being the length is a bit longer than usual so you could either tuck it in or let it loose. 

6.  Le Cap

Sporty and Chic outfits always feel incomplete without a snapback. The Le cap comes in two basic colours that can complement any look.

7. Elsa Top

Finally coming to a piece that is feminine and dressy, the Elsa top is ideal for occasions where you want to look more prepped up. Our favourite part about this top is the back knot that helps to adjust the fall and fit of the top. Available in two colours, our pick would definitely be the lavender one! 

So, are you as excited as us to shop this minimal, functional, and timeless collection? If yes, which are the pieces you are eyeing on first? Let us know in the comments section below. 

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