Building a Capsule Wardrobe

Written By: Abigail Puskas

The capsule wardrobe has been taking over social media platforms like Tiktok and Pinterest for some time now and these are the things you need to know to start building your own for the upcoming seasons.

The capsule wardrobe’s purpose is to have a closet where you can mix and match pieces to make choosing your outfit less time consuming. This is great for people who don’t have lot’s of time to spend in the morning choosing an outfit and great for saving money since you will be getting more timeless pieces. The base of this concept is having basics in neutral colours so that they can be dressed up or down and matched with many other items.

Basic tank tops

Having a few basic tank tops in different colours and different styles is the perfect start to having your own capsule wardrobe. They are easy to match with different bottoms and can be layered. These are also perfect for any season because of how versatile they are. 

Blazers and Dress Pants

Blazers and dress pants have been trending for a while now and they aren’t going away just yet. Adding a blazer to an outfit can add a more polished finish look and more flair. Swapping out jeans for dress pants can be done to elevate an outfit without having to change anything else. These two pieces can be worn with just about anything and they are the perfect layering option to add to your closet. 


Owning a pair of well fitting jeans is a staple for any closet. Jeans can be dressed up or down and paired almost anything. They come in many colours and styles its just about finding a pair that fits you exactly how you want them too. Then they can be your go to bottoms and be paired with an endless amount of tops and accessories.


The finishing touch to a capsule wardrobe and to any outfit is the shoes. Having a pair of shoes to match everything can really bring together a look. The best start when it comes to shoes in your capsule wardrobe is a basic pair of sneakers and go to pair of boots for the cooler days. These can be any style you want as long as you know they versatile for your own style.

Creating your capsule wardrobe doesn’t have to fit a certain style or aesthetic. Whichever style category you my fall under, you will always have a few pieces that are essential to you and you lifestyle. That is what you should base your wardrobe off of. 

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