Bryan Adams x Wuxly: The BAD Collection

Written By: Abigail Puskas

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Canadian rock legend Bryan Adams recently created and modelled a sustainable outerwear capsule collection with Wuxly. The collection is called “The BAD Collection” and was inspired by Bryan Adams song ‘Kick Ass’ from his most recent album ‘So Happy it Hurts’. The collection consists of three pieces, the BAD Hoodie, The Kingston jacket and the BAD Elk Parka. This Canadian collab has officially been on sale since October 6 2022. Adams is very proud of this collection not only because it is his name on the collection but because of Wuxly’s company values. They are a Canadian based company that believe in and prioritize sustainability and vegan alternative materials for their clothing.

The collection includes 3 outerwear pieces. The first piece in the collection is the BAD Hoodie. This classic sleek zip up style with the kangaroo pockets have a detail that is unlike anything we’ve seen before and it is fitting that Adams wanted this to be a part of the design. Inside the pockets is a guitar pick pocket for all your rockstar needs. The hoodie is pre-shrunk so the fit will last how you want it to. 

The BAD Hoodie retails for $140 CAD and is available from size S – XL.

BAD Hoodie – Wuxly Movement 

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The second piece in the collection is The Kingston. It’s a lightweight water repellent 

winter jacket made for +5C to -5C weather. Thanks to Wuxly’s company values the insulation is made from animal-free materials and the interior lining is 100% recycled plastic making it a great sustainable jacket choice. The rockstar features on this jacket are the guitar pick pocket and a passport-sized pocket for that rocker on tour feel.

The Kingston jacket retails for $595 CAD and is available from size S – XL.

Kingston Coat | Wuxly Movement 

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The third and final piece of this collection is the BAD Elk Parka. This thick winter coat was made for Canadian winters with it’s Sorona insulation being made to keep you warm even when it is -25C. Much like ‘The Kingston’ jacket the outside is water repellent and this one is snowproof with a 100% recycled plastic lining. Just in case you’re planning on playing guitar through the storm this jacket also has the guitar pick pocket.

The BAD Elk Parka retails for $995 CAD and is available from size S – XL.

BAD Elk Parka | Wuxly Movement  

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