Trend Alert: Glammed in 2021

Pandemic got the best of all people, PJs started to take a deeper turn, most of women dislike, so It’s easy to see the appeal of a curve-hugging dress or a slinky knit top unbuttoned to the sternum and more body revealing clothes is the story at brands like Givenchy and Versace after a year of slouchy, comfortable wear.

In a similar way to what happened during World War II, To the dismay of many women who had become used to the rising hemlines and boxy forms of the 1940s, Dior’s “new look” reintroduced women’s feminine side.

This Moschino Fall 2021 range does not have sweatpants.

Moschino’s 2021-line updates traditional female glamour for the twenty-first century. A show inside a show is featured.

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Written by: Jodi Al Hayek