Toronto Fashion: Dresst

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Written by: Nicole Fernandes

As we strive to make the fashion industry and our fashion habits more sustainable, we aim to change the way we shop, and how we care for and recycle our clothes. One of the most popular ways to shop sustainably at the moment is to rent the clothes or pieces you need especially if it’s only for a limited time or a particular season. 

Keeping this in mind, we would like to feature a brand called ‘Dresst‘ which is a Toronto-based brand specializing in Rental clothing that is certainly creating a revolution in Toronto closets.   This concept is extremely beneficial not only to consumers but also towards the entire supply chain and the environment as well. 

Unlike other rental brands that are mostly known for formal wear, evening gowns and just one-time dresses, Dresst offers a lot more and is always stocked with the latest in fashion that is sure to keep you looking stylish at all times. For a membership of $99 per month, members can rent three separate items per month and use them as they wish.  They feature high-quality brands and there’s something for every kind of event.

If you’re someone who wants to try out a certain trend and see the way it looks on you without having to actually buy it at full price, Dresst is where you need to head. It’s the perfect way to flaunt the latest in fashion or find a few temporary pieces that can dress up your everyday staples.

You can find them online at

Have you tried renting out clothes before or have you been waiting to try it out? Let us know in the comments below.