Fashion Trends for Fall 2021

Written by: Jade Florendo

While summer is still around, it won’t be too long until Fall arrives and knocks at your wardrobe. So to prepare you for the upcoming season, here are the latest Fall trends that you need to keep your eye on, the next time you go shopping. 

Hobo Bags

Hobo bags are crescent-shaped bags that are either slouchy or structured. This Fall season, we will see a lot of uniquely designed hobo bags, with varying colours and styles. 

Kerchief Scarf

Scarves for the summer are in, as well as for Fall. While summer scarves this year usually come in pastel, or floral motifs, this fall you’ll see scarves in deeper shades, and geometrical patterns that are perfect for the season. 

Big Boxy Shades

While most people opt for smaller and rounder frames this summer, next season, you will see a resurgence of boxy sunglasses inspired by the 70’s. These glasses are perfect to pair with a kerchief scarf and a boho bag, as they were all part of the 70’s aesthetics. 

Arm Warmers

As September approaches and the temperature drops, you’ll definitely not want to get a cold shoulder. Arm warmers are perfect to keep you warm, not only that, they can also be a fashion statement piece, if you want to up your fashion game. Arm warmers will come in all sorts of colours and knitted patterns.

Statement Belts

Statement belts are a go-to especially when you want to spice up your fall wardrobe. To take advantage of this trend, choose big leather belts with uniquely designed buckles. A unique belt can instantly level up your fashion game.

Tell us which of these trends are you most excited to try out this Fall in the comments below.

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