5 Canadian Fashion Influencers giving us ‘Fashion Cues’ Right now!

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Written by: Haransh Saini

One of the reasons why we love fashion so much is because it takes a new character and personality with every person it slips into.

For some, a white shirt is a basic; while for others, a slip dress could be a basic. It’s all about how a person defines their sense of fashion.

It also holds the power to speak volumes just like that! So, today we want to bring to you 5 Canadian influencers that have been on our  radar of ‘Influence’ for a long time!


Sammy’s Instagram Bio is a perfect reflection of her pictures – “Lover of slow fashion, beauty, and interiors’. Keeping it minimal enough with shades of beige, neutrals and some safe pops of colour, she keeps it clean. We absolutely love how her interior and beauty clicks depict the same idea!

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First things first, she is the ultimate posing guru. To be honest, more than her style which is a mishmash of dusky palettes, a bit of black/whites and olive greens, some pops and a few prints, she teaches you how to pose for each and every occasion! So following her, we are getting two purposes solved – ‘what to wear’ and ‘how to pose in it’. A huge thanks to her for making our insta-clickable life a little easier!


While Sona mostly gives us uber-cool and put together vibes with gold accents which is her statement, she sometimes also likes to take it up a notch keeping it delicate and girly enough! Seeing this mix is a delight because who doesn’t like to have the best of both worlds.


We like how Kendra likes to elevate her basic pieces with elements like a snapback or a bucket hat, a cute poppy bag, a vintage scarf, and playful prints like gingham. This brings a cool side to her outfits yet keeps them elevated enough. And how could we possibly forget, she is a major sunnies girl!


Coming to Isabelle, whose style we found so interesting! She keeps it crisp with her button downs and structured blazers while at the same time manages to be elegant, chic and dainty enough with her pearl jewels, silk bandanas and alluring tops channeling her inner girl!

So, who is your favorite influencer and whose style do you resonate with the most? Do let us know in the comments below!