Canadian Makeup Artists

Written by: Gaurika Gupta

When it comes to beauty and skin care we all need some advice from our fav influencers and beauty experts. Beauty and skin care is something we should look forward to and be mindful of before applying to our skin. When it comes to investing our money into skincare and beauty we  all turn to our beauty gurus. 

Below are some beauty celebs and influencers we trust!

1. @glambyshelby

Shelby, is Vancouver based beauty influencer, and is known for her cute eye looks. She also promotes body positivity and recommends products which she likes. 

2. @missjulievu

Julie vu, is a Canadian woman who loves to talk about fashion and makeup. Besides makeup she has opened up her youtube channel where she talks about her transition and her personal life. 

3. @sonjdradeluxe

Our make-up guru Sonjdra is at 1 million on her instagram and she also posts videos on youtube. She reviews make-up products, talks about her personal experiences, and provides ratings for make-up products. On her insta id she usually posts short makeup tutorials and quick daily life make-up hacks.

4. Nina

Nina, is a San francisco born, Vancouver based make-up artist, she also creates content related to lifestyle and fashion. She has almost 180,000 subscribers on youtube, her content usually revolves around personal self-care and product recommendation and also life as a mom. She’s also owner of CHUCK ME her own clothing brand, which provides donation with every order.

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