Trend Article: Footwear Trends 2022

Written by: Jade Florendo

New year, new shoes! As we enter 2022, we enter another year of styles and trends. The start of the year always seems to be a good time to shake up your wardrobe and try on new styles and trends that you may love. And if you’re a shoe lover or someone who’s looking for a perfect pair, this list is for you. These are the footwear trends of 2022:

Flats or ballerina shoes

Ballet flats were the go-to shoes in the 2000’s, since it’s comfortable, cute and easy to pair. Almost everyone owned a pair and you can even see them worn almost anywhere – from movies, and tv shows. For those who love the comfort and ease of wearing ballet shoes, you’re in luck because they are coming back big time! One of the most iconic pairs is Chanel’s classic ballet flats, which is a well-known staple of avid fashionistas.


This sandal trend is not going away just yet. It’s about to be everywhere this summer/spring season, with even brighter colors and bolder patterns. Unlike the past years, this year’s mules have lower block heels with a touch of the 90’s and Y2k nostalgia.

Romantic Bows

We haven’t seen bows strut the runway in a while. Luckily for those romantic fashionistas, bows are finally back and in season! Bows will be seen, decorated on almost any type of heels such as mules, pumps, ballet flats, etc. 

Padded Footwear

Padded footwear will still be around this year. This year you’ll see padded shoes of almost any type, from snow boots, quilted mules, wedge shoes, sandals and many more. More and more people are choosing comfortability to incorporate in their wardrobe, so it’s safe to say that this trend will continue for a little longer.

Platform shoes

Platform shoes are another trend that is here to stay for a while. Gen Z’s seem to enjoy and can’t get over this trend. Because of its popularity, you’ll see platform shoes in different styles from boots, sandals, pumps etc. 

Which one of these will you be trying this year? Let us know in the comments below.

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