Written By: Danielle Caswell

There is no doubt that this knee-high chunky boot is the biggest shoe trend here this fall. Skin tight on top to accentuate the leg and all the chunk on the bottom for the full edgy look. These boots are well suited to be styled with a short dress, skirt, bike shorts and a blazer or vamp it up with a killer leather trench coat. The boots are both seen flat to the ground or with a big chunky heel made majorly popular by the brand Naked Wolfe. The boots are totally Gogo meets prep for this Y2k look, so you know grabbing a pair of these will completely elevate your look for the next girl’s night out.

We have been seeing style influencers from all over loving this trend as it is a great transition piece if you still can’t let go of those summer pieces. Below we have provided our top styling tips to pull off this look and feel your most confident edgy self this fall.

Business Chic

You have to show off these boots as they are definitely flattering to the leg, don’t cover them up but give them their time to shine this Fall. If you want to add a little business to the edgy look, why not try an all black monochromatic look with bike shorts and a blazer. This takes away from the grunge style and adds a bit more of a cleaner cut to the ensemble. As you can see style influencer @mjhedderman is fully representing this look perfectly, looking ready for anything.

Boots + A dress

Princess grunge is what we call this look. Adding a touch of femininity to the bulky boot will always work just be careful with over shadowing with colour here. We suggest the classic LBD to keep is classy and stylish with a touch of edginess. This outfit is the perfect fit for transitioning seasons. Throw on a trench or blazer and you are good to go! 

Colour Chunky Boot

Instead of going for the classic black boot why not try it in colour. These boots can be found in whites, reds and greens. Having fun with colour can also be done with boots so if your summer fun doesn’t want to stop redirect that energy into your outfit with some loud coloured boots. Sometimes with the colour excitement happening on the feet, try to keep things calmer on top with a white button down or oversized band T.

Got a pair of chunky boots you can’t wait to style, or not too sure if this look is for you? Let us know by commenting below or tag us @infusehumber to show how you work the popular boot, we’d love to see it!

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