Travel Season Trends for 2023

Written By: Abigail Puskas

University and college students are almost done with classes and high school students won’t be far behind which means people have begun planning their travels during the break. If you have a trip planned then you’re probably also thinking about what you’re going to pack to wear. To have enough to wear on vacation while still packing light you wanna create a mini capsule closet. These are things you have that can be switched around to make more than one outfit meaning they’re generally the same style or color pallet.

One of the most versatile pieces to have is a satin scarf. They are traditionally worn like a necktie, bandana, headband, or maybe even wrapped around the base of your ponytail. But these are also being seen worn as a halter top or bandeau. There are unlimited videos on different styles of tops to wear using a scarf, so there are a ton of options to choose from. Depending on the size of the scarf it could also be used as a cover-up for the beach. Along with the versatility of this item, it’s also extremely lightweight and thin so it barely adds any weight to your luggage and will be very breathable.

Linen is the best material for warm weather because it is so lightweight and breathable while still offering coverage from the sun or for modesty which may be a concern depending on where you’re going. Specifically, linen button-down shirts are perfect for this, and even better if you can find a matching set with bottoms. This way not only do you have a full outfit together, but they can be paired with another item to make a new outfit. Another great thing about these is that you can dress them up and because of how thin they are, they make great cover-ups for the beach. If you wanna style it differently you can wear it open as a layer or tie the front into a knot. Linen button-downs are a great option for when you’re traveling.

Crochet clothing has always been a great style option for traveling especially in very warm climates because the spaces left in the knit depending on the design make them very breathable. With the trend picking up more and more, there are so many new styles to choose from. These also once again are light in weight so in terms of packing these won’t add a ton.

On the other hand, shoes tend to be where all the pounds come from in a suitcase as well as take up the most room. The easiest way to minimize this is by choosing light sandals and if you’re going to be walking a lot having one with a strap around your ankle is going to be a lifesaver. Shoes with a rubber sole are the comfiest throughout the day but most women want to pack at least one pair of heels for a nice dinner. In this case, something strappy is great for the style and the support. The thicker the heel the longer you can wear the shoes so if it’s meant for a long amount of time try a block heel and maybe a platform for the most support. A kitten heel is also great because the heel is much shorter and it won’t take up much space when packing.

These are just a few ideas of things to maximize your suitcase and your style for your upcoming vacations. It’s all about lightweight pieces and versatility.

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