Toronto Fashion Featuring BIKO

Written by: Nicole Fernandes

In an ode to our Graduation theme, we present to you a jewelry brand that is sure to add a whole lot of glam and sparkle to your stunning graduation outfit. Biko, a brand founded by Corrine Anestopoulous in 2005, focuses on handcrafted jewelry pieces made in Toronto and it features a unique blend of modern and vintage elements in its designs.

Known as a ‘modern nostalgic’ and sustainably crafted jewelry brand, the founder has also involved the brand in various ways to help the community and frontline workers during the ongoing pandemic. 

The designs are usually inspired by contemporary art, architecture, nature and travel and are known for the use of high-quality material and articulate craftsmanship. 

The brand has been nominated for the Canadian Arts & Fashion Accessory Designer of The Year Award for the past three years. She’s also been a part of some interesting collaborations with retailers like Nordstorm and Hudson’s Bay and with celebrities like M.I.A. and Bianca Andreescu. Biko, through a collaboration with international corporation Mattel, paid a tribute to Barbie for the 60th anniversary. 

These lightweight, intricate and handcrafted pieces will surely be the perfect addition to your graduation this year. Head over to the website mentioned below and do let us know what are your favorite pieces. Happy Shopping!

You can shop the collection here:

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