The Beauty and Skin Care Celebrity Take Over

Written By: Danielle Caswell

This winter all the talks are going to be towards beauty, skin care and wellness and the names behind the upcoming businesses. With so much time at home during the pandemic people took the opportunity to focus more on themselves and their particular needs towards their homes, families and most importantly their bodies. Trending videos like at home skin care routines with Vogue and Tik Tok giving us DIY home remedies, made it easy to find alternative products and practices. The increase of sales on makeup, skin care and all things holistic wellness skyrocketed these last couple months and now we are seeing celebrities taking over the industry trying to fit their names into the segment. 

Our cosmetic queen – Kylie Jenner,  paved the way for how to be successful in this market with her multimillion-dollar company Kylie Cosmetics starting in 2014. Now available online and in stores at Ultra beauty and Shoppers’s drug mart here in Canada. Kylie learned to listen to her target market and the needs of the industry. After opening her company Kylie has learned to stay updated and popular with consistently updated formulas, going cleaner and expanding the products she sells. Since opening the very successful Kylie cosmetics the youngest sister of the Kardashian/Jenner clan has now started sister companies with Kylie Skin, Kylie swim and Kylie baby.  Hollywood is taking note and celebrity after celebrity are finding a place for their name in the industry. This is just the beginning and we will be seeing a lot more businesses break out in not only the beauty industry but also the Liquor industry and hospitality. 

Below we have listed some of the newest beauty, skin and wellness brands to look out for by some of the biggest names in Hollywood.

JloBeauty by Jennifer Lopez

Rare Beauty by Selena Gomez

Rem beauty by Arianna Grande

Haus Laboratories by Lady Gaga

SKN by Lori Harvey

Barker Wellness by Travis Barker

Let us know what you think of this new trend happening with all the celebs stepping into the beauty industry, or even give us your best feedback on the brands listed by commenting below or tag us in your beauty post for all the trending new products at @infusehumber 

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