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Hi everyone and welcome back to this week’s Fashion Friday! In this segment I’ll be giving tips and tricks about thrifting and sustainable shopping, specifically how to recreate the looks featured in our Fashion Friday segment on Instagram with sustainable options.

This week were featuring Fashion Arts and Business student Kayleb, his sense of fashion is inspired by stylist, model, designer Ian Connor whose own style focuses heavily on designers like Raf Simmons and Rick Owens while also incorporating popular streetwear brands like Supreme or Palace. One noteworthy part of Kayleb’s style is that some of his favourite places to shop are either thrift stores or resale websites like Grailed which are obviously all much better options for shopping in terms of environmental impact. Kayleb is wearing a black hoodie from the Vlone x Juice Wrld collab, a pair of black Levis cargo pants, and a pair of Nike x Travis Scott Jordan 1 Lows sneakers.

For the sustainable recommendations its harder to choose because a lot of the clothes Kayleb is wearing are branded so I’m going to attempt to find some similar items on Grailed while also adding some sustainable brands. For a similar look to his hoodie on a budget I’d recommend checking out thrift stores for any hoodies with an interesting logo or design, however for the exact look you can easily find the Vlone hoodie or fairly similar designs on Grailed but be warned I saw a listing of over $1000, yes that’s right $1000. As for the pants I found The Midweight Twill 5-Pocket Slim Pant a simple pair of black trousers from Everlane that are nice and slim and are just a perfect basic pant. Finally, for the shoes If you want a similar look any pair of Jordan 1 sneakers would do the trick but if you want the Travis Scott collab pair like Kayleb check out Grailed or StockX but be prepared for a hefty price tag. 

Kayleb’s style represents a new and growing group of fashion fan-boys interested in not only streetwear brands but also high-end fashion brands. A large part of their culture is reselling the clothes they purchase online this trend is actually unintentionally good for the environment. If you’ve ever been curious about streetwear or drop culture check Grailed out and see if anything catches your eye, Thanks for reading come back next week for the next Fashion Friday! 

By: Geneva Webster

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