Style Through the Winter Storm

Written By: Kayla Lazarovic

Canada is known to many as a country that doesn’t come across warm weather too often. The average temp in Toronto during the wintertime is minus 1.3, and according to the forecast, the weather during the Winter commonly dips below that. Many Torontonians stay warm by layering on and covering up with scarves, puffy mittens, bundled coats, and layering on pants. Many people struggle with appearing fashionable and warm at the same time in Canada. Oftentimes, outerwear brands focus on the warmth aspect of their clothing products and completely dismiss the fashion aspect, leaving their products looking bland and basic. It can be extremely difficult and disappointing to the Torontonian consumer to choose between countless boring options. 

Let’s dig into this winter style epidemic by starting off with accessories. One of the hottest scarves to hit the market this season was the Acne Studios “Mohair Checked Scarf” that comes in multiple different colourways. The scarf gained tremendous praise so quickly that surrounding fast fashion companies immediately ran to their factories to imitate the scarf. To point out the obvious and skip the sugar-coating, the price is surely steeper than most scarves at $410. That being said, the scarf is made with a soft mohair wool blend that feels spineless to the hand. The price also reflects Acne Studios being an innovative luxury brand that presents its different and exciting collections at PFW yearly.

Another winter fashion item to practically break the internet is Loewe’s “Padded Leather Bomber”. This item is most suitable for days above 0 degrees, as its insulation may not be warm enough to face the Toronto cold. Celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Hailey Bieber and Lori Harvey have all been spotted wearing this edgy take of a classic leather bomber. Loewe, a brand known for its chic simplicity and intriguing silhouettes did not disappoint with this bomber. The shape is nothing less than interesting and the puff is out of this world. 

Sitting at a lower price point is the Super Puff jacket from Aritzia. This jacket is a perfectly safe and simple option for many who are undecided on how to spice up their outerwear game during the winter. The jacket comes in various colors as well as lengths and sheens. Whether it is glossy black, dust blue, or silver, you can never go wrong with a Super Puff. The jacket meets all the requirements warmth and style wise. 

Dressing for the Winter can be a frustrating task but try to begin thinking about it as an exciting challenge. Look beyond what retailers are advertising as suitable for Winter, and look into small independent shops, luxury brands, and even second-hand shops to find what’s right for you. Just remember to stay warm and stay stylish!

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