St. Lawrence Market 

Written By: Allie Donovan

Photograph: Allie Donovan


Photograph: Allie Donovan

Ever have dessert before dinner? I highly recommend it. It’s as simple as an appetizer, only better. Over at St. Lawrence marketer you will bump into many, many food places – it’s very easy as they take up most square footage and are on every corner. No need to apologize when you do bump into them, just be sure to take a good look at all the yummy local foods! 

On your left you will see that great bread takes time and their slogan will surely have you agreeing when you sink your teeth into their pastries. On your right is a lovely spinach and cheese danish that I absolutely drooled over. Soft, flakey, ooey and gooey. Selections from muffins, cookies, variations of croissants will have you wanting seconds.. and maybe too full for dinner. 

Local Foods and Produce

Photograph: Allie Donovan

I always say that I am a small city gal coming into this huge city, and I’ll keep saying it as I am in awe of everything here. What do you think when you hear something local? Support local? We all know about the small shops and small businesses and that’s at most back in Halifax but here in Ontario, I learned a whole new meaning to ‘local’ when stepping into the St. Lawrence Market. It is so beautiful and so friendly, the amount of produce and fruits that light up the entire place with their beautiful natural colors. It was so amazing to see so many different people, cultures and foods – all locals – wanting to share what they offer. I was so tempted to take all the fruit home with me, I’ve never seen such healthy, clean and plump looking fruit, they really needed their own photoshoot. In conclusion of the gorgeous fruit and produce stands isto shop here! Support local! Eat your fruits and veggies! 

Get In My Belly!

Photograph: Allie Donovan

Pasta. That’s it. That’s the article…

FRESH PASTA. How can I describe this delicacy of a dish to you without spoiling it? Have you ever watched a movie or TV show where they’re just too good to explain you just gotta watch it? Yeah, well, you just gotta eat it. Over at the St.Lawrence market, after our dessert appetizers and taking photos of fruit – its dinner time. Making our way over to the Fresh Pasta stand, there were so many options – the best part about choosing which style of pasta you wanted is that you actually witness the making of the pasta from flour to dough to shape then consumption. With a large menu, it was hard to make a decision on which dish was going to make my tummy happy. Now, this pasta you see above, thick, soft and was way too easy to devour. The sauce was a ‘one day only’ mix of 3 sauces and my, oh my – I might have to ask for the recipe!  

Thank you St. Lawrence Market for a fabulous and food filled day – If you have yet to visit, I highly recommend it. 

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