Seek Your Adventure In Toronto

Written By: Tarnjot Kaur


The city of Toronto is renowned for its thriving arts community, extensive athletic events, exciting nightlife, and restaurants, bistros, and diners serving food from just about every country imaginable. The Royal Ontario Museum and Art Gallery of Ontario are well-liked by both visitors and locals.


Toronto has a high cost of living because it is the largest city in Canada. Apart from tuition, living expenses are the biggest expense for students. Students can try to keep expenditures under control by sharing housing, cooking their own meals, and putting a cap on their entertainment spending. Students on a tight budget could survive in a shared house in downtown Toronto on CAD 1,200/month with very little outlay. You might live more comfortably off-campus in student housing for CAD 1,500-2,000 per month.


The third-largest public transit system in North America, the TTC’s network of interconnected subway, bus, streetcar, and GO train lines, can be used to travel throughout Toronto. Students at universities can purchase discounted TTC monthly passes for CAD 117 each month, or $3 per ride. There are numerous off-road trails and designated bike lanes on many of the city’s roads.


You can get around Toronto via the TTC’s network of interconnected subway, bus, streetcar, and GO train lines, which is the third-largest public transit system in North America. Discounted TTC monthly passes are available to university students for CAD 117 per month, or $3 each ride. Many of the city’s highways have designated bike lanes and a variety of off-road routes.


Make sure to take the opportunity to explore Toronto’s numerous landmarks and attractions while you’re studying. One of Toronto’s most iconic landmarks is the CN Tower. You may eat at the 360 Restaurant in the CN Tower and enjoy panoramic views of Toronto and Lake Ontario. Hockey, basketball, baseball, and other professional sports teams from Toronto play at the
close-by Rogers Centre and Air Canada Centre, which also hold concerts and cultural events. St Lawrence Market, which opened in 1850, is where you can find specialty foods, flowers, and handmade items. Along with the exhibitions inside, the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) and Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) are architectural marvels. In Toronto’s Entertainment sector on King
Street, there are a lot of Broadway-style performances. More than fifty ballet and dance groups, six opera companies, and two symphony orchestras all play in Toronto, which is a significant centre for the performing arts. Notable venues include Roy Thompson Hall, The Hummingbird Centre, and The Centre for the Performing Arts. The best-known of the city’s many theme parks is Canada’s Wonderland. The city is also renowned for its various theatres. Hockey, basketball, baseball, football, soccer, and lacrosse all have six professional teams in Toronto.

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