RBC X Launch Pad: Artscape Daniels Launch Pad

Written By: Allie Donovan

What is the RBC Launch Pad? 

This program is an music entrepreneurship that assists and empowers artists, musicians, producers, agents, managers, and entrepreneurs. An educational platform for networking and grasping a better understanding to develop initiatives in a continuous and profitable way. This program provides weekly workshops to support all participants on a wide dimension of topics. 

A Night at the Launch Pad 

Photo by Allie Donovan

Located in downtown Toronto, this place truly was a sight to see. The building itself is beautiful and the trip to the main stage of the launch pad was exhilarating. The room was big and spacious, residing in the faint blue light shadowing in the back of the room were tall, black, bar tables for comfort and the enjoyment of beverages and food that had been kindly provided. 

It was wonderful seeing the room slowly flood with people and the high volume of conversations. At a 7:30 start, was the first performer. 

Kev Olden

Photo by Allie Donovan

Kev Olden has been living in Toronto for 3 years. Ironically enough, he had just moved to Toronto just 5 days before the lockdown! We can all agree the pandemic has had its ups and down; in this case, a pretty positive came out of it for Kev.

Just picked up the guitar as a hobby, I’m glad he never put it down! Singing two acoustic songs and my favorite song being “Jump the Gun,” he is an amazing performer and quite the singer. 

Blue Valentine

Photo by Allie Donovan

Not far from home, she resides in Mississauga. Blue Valentine is an R&B artist very inspired by SZA as it was shared she also has a tattoo of the singer. While she is also very influenced by summer walker and many other female artists in the industry, Blue Valentine came with two songs; “Be mine” – which is on all streaming platforms, and finished her performance with an unreleased song that is special to her and tells a story that she is “Fine.” 

Claire Davis 

Last but not least, my favorite performer of the night, is Claire Davis. Accompanied by her guitarists who works with THE Jesse Reyez on tour, they came together beautifully. Claire describes her music as retro soul and will have her album released on April 21st. Congrats to you Claire! 

Just like Blue Valentine, Claire had also performed an unreleased song titled “Get it Right’ defining it as a mature love song.

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