Our Top 5 Trends To Ace The Minimal Look

Written by: Haransh Saini

Minimal style to us means something that’s a classic and an investment to bank on! 

It’s the rescue when you want to feel elevated without trying too hard. In short, its all about bringing out that polish with the ‘less is more theory’

Below, we have decoded the 5 pieces that have been sitting in the ‘minimal wardrobe capsule’ since forever and that you’ve heard about time and again.

So, here we bring to you 5 minimal trends to make you all set to get your minimal look on point. We also have a video featuring Emelie Lindmark, who according to us, is a true minimal fashionista.

1. Dainty Jewels 

We can’t express how much we rely on dainty jewelry on days when we just don’t feel like putting in the effort to dress up. A pair of golden hoops or embracing your neck with layered necklaces, a stack of pretty golden bracelets, or a signet ring, can take your outfit from nay to yay in seconds. 

2.The Crisp Button Down

A first-class pick to make you feel put together. Paired with denim jeans, a pair of trousers or even under a dress, it has a classy vibe that can make you look put together in a minute. 

3.Hop on sneakers 

A statement pair of white sneakers has always been on the list of minimal trends but, we have also noticed influencers and fashion peeps playing around with them a bit in terms of colors and designs. Some even make it the key focus of an outfit. We like how sneakers have taken a place from being just a slide-on for comfort to making a statement on the streets and these, we believe, are here to stay!

4. Evergreen Blazers

Ever wondered what’s missing when you feel a bit incomplete wearing that slip dress or a basic white tee and jeans ensemble? Well, here comes the perfect outer piece that could act as the cherry on the top! Trust us, we aren’t exaggerating. When we say evergreen we mean it! Sailing through all the seasons, it is a minimal trend you won’t be bored of.

5. Co-ord Fit

When you have days where your creativity isn’t at it’s best to bring out a creative outfit, go ahead with coord fits (coordinated sets).

We love how it bridges that smooth gap between overly sophisticated and too casual keeping it just on point! For us, these minimal trend pieces would make our wardrobe ready to perfect the minimal trend. Which one do you think will fit your style?

Also, don’t forget to watch Emilie’s video linked below who gives a visual view into what her minimal lookbook looks like. Hope you get inspired!

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