Men’s Fashion – The Day to Night Transition Edit


People think that men’s fashion is easy enough. A crisp shirt or a t-shirt with good, fitted jeans and you are good to go! Well, is it that simple? Of course, not! Like women’s fashion, men’s fashion has a whole gamut of options to choose from. 

Let us tell you a few option ranges – the perfect fit, color choices, collar styles, variations in stitch, the designs or patterns on the shirts/t-shirts, the cut/style of the trousers or jeans and the list can go on. It’s these minute details and specifics that can make such a big difference.

Trust us, it’s not just a mere pick of any random color shirt & sliding into a pair of jeans just for the sake of it.

 So, let us take you to a Day to Night look, ‘The Men’s Way’ giving you a dive into the specifics and how it can speak volumes. Also, be it day or night all you need are a few wardrobe staples that can do their part of easy transitioning.


Starting with the Basics

A well-fitted crew neck t-shirt that sits well at the right places is how one can give it a start. The colors could be the basic range – whites, navy, tans, or a pleasant grey. 

Giving it some Depth 

To add some volume to it, a good printed button-down shirt always works well.

Preferred Print 

Stripes, because it can never be a let down! 

The Right Pair of Jeans

Pairing it with a well-fitted denim that is neither too fitted nor too loose will be the perfect pick. We emphasize so much on the right cut or the fit because without a good fit, you won’t be able to create that impact and would end up looking like a complete mess.

Small Details Matter

Wear a watch which won’t only elevate the outfit and give it that finish but also shows that you do care about the little details when it comes to style.

Shoes are the KEY!

A good shoe not only in terms of its appearance but also the cleanliness is a key factor. Shoes are always the focal point of an outfit. And even if it’s a basic white pair of sneakers it should be clean and not saggy with dirt or open laces.


For the night, you need to switch a couple of things and get going.

Switch the Shirt with a Classic Blazer

A good fit is a key, and it should complement your crewneck standing out together instead of two separates hanging in. 

Switch the Denim Jeans with a Pair of Trousers

Switch your denim jeans with a tailored pair of trousers. A tailored fit is extremely crucial to make a lasting impact. 

Small Details Matter

Add in a pocket square for last minute final touch-ups and choose a metal strap watch for that sophisticated appeal.

Swap the Sneakers with Formal Shoes

Swap the sneakers and hop into a polished pair of formal lace shoes like an oxford or a derby. We recommend formal lace shoes because there is something about them that makes one look professional and dapper.

So, here is a quick and easy transition from day to night which wouldn’t take much of your effort but just a few staple pieces moved from here to there. Let us know which look is your go to.

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