Maritime Naturals

Written By: Allie Donovan

As a native to the east coast of Canada from Nova Scotia living in Ontario, it is important to showcase small businesses in a smaller demographic and geographic area to a much greater one. Introducing you to Maritimes Natural. Canadian made and established in Nova Scotia, this skin care brand is all about dedicating their products to keep you looking energized and young. Cruelty free and no harsh chemicals with organic ingredients that are environmentally derived, this is a skincare brand to keep an eye out for. 


Presenting the first product, a serum that took the world and social media by storm and to this day is a step in our skincare routine; Vitamin C serum. With a whopping 1609 reviews and 4.7 star rating, is this a major hidden gem?


Maritime Naturals 20% vitamin C serum is filled with all the magical ingredients to help brighten complexion while reducing dark spots for a youthful look, all the while Maritime Naturals claims this is the best serum for sensitive skin. For best results, it is recommended to pair with their retinol moisturizer. 

What’s a duo without two? From their raving vitamin C serum, consumers are big fans of their retinol moisturizer. 


Endorsing this pair, the vitamin c serum has many positive outlooks, so does their rich facial retinol moisturizer. Containing a mixture of antioxidants mingled with hyaluronic acid and vitamin E to rid of the early appearance of wrinkles and premature aging. This product has as many as 1803 reviews and a total of a full 5 star rating-the east coast maritimers are up to something. 

The vitamin c serum and the professional retinol moisturizer are two of the top four best selling products on the Maritime Naturals website. Supporting the brands claims of being cruelty free, certified organic ingredients, no harsh chemicals and a promise to dedicate healthy, clean, and of course, natural products to enhance your skin simultaneously protecting it from our everyday environment surroundings. Maritime Naturals will surely at some point will come from a small business into a larger scale company. Get your hands on their products ASAP!

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