INFUSE Humber’s Guide to the Perfect Bohemian Makeup Look

Ever wondered where the Bohemian style originated from? It was first seen in Europe specifically in France after the French revolution where artists of the time were forced into poverty leading them to wear used and old clothes since they could not afford anything else. The makeup style was inspired from this time period. Since then, there has been a variety of bohemian looks that inspire creativity in our makeup routine. Not sure how to create this look? This is our guide to perfect a flawless bohemian makeup look.

First Step: Dewy Skin

The base of the bohemian look is gorgeous and natural looking dewy skin. To get the dewy skin look, start off with using a hydrating moisturizer. Once the moisturizer has melted into the skin, applying an illuminating serum like the Mac Strobe Cream will add a ‘glow from within’ finish. The next step to this boho look is a dewy foundation. For those of you who have oily skin, wearing a combination foundation will work well. Now to emphasize to your face structure, instead of using blush, incorporate a bronzer that warms up your face and place it on the high points of the cheeks. This will get you the dewy skin you’re looking for to complete this bohemian look. Onto the next step, the eyes. 

Second Step: The Eyes

The eyes are all about self-expression. This is where you get to express your creativity and individualism. Most bohemian makeup looks incorporate a winged eyeliner and a pop of color; whether that be a shimmering pop of blue or a sparkling gold in the inner corner making the eyes look more awake. Some looks are more natural with a deep brown eyeshadow that is blended on the eye lid and lower lash line to add a natural definition to the eye. It’s important to  incorporate a beautiful bold and voluminous mascara like the L’Oréal Paris Carbon Black Voluminous Mascara which adds volume and length to your natural eyelashes. If you prefer falsies, make sure to go with ones that are more natural looking. Now, onto the lips!

Third Step: The Lips

Keep it natural. Whether the eyes are dramatic or subtle, the lips are always kept looking natural. Find yourself a nude lipstick that compliments your skin tone and add a natural or clear gloss on top for some extra shine. Not sure what nude would complement you? Take the Lip Finder quiz at Sephora to find your perfect match!

Remember, the Bohemian look was inspired by an era of artists who expressed themselves and showcased their sense of style. This is about embracing your natural beauty and gives you the opportunity to express your creativity and what makes you unique. Use your imagination to create a look that expresses who you are! How will you express yourself?

Written by: Melania Cammalleri

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