How to avoid breakouts

Although there are endless ways to help reduce your facial and general body breakouts, here are our top 13 ways to protect your skin from those nasty breakouts!

1.Wash your face regularly

Washing your face helps to remove any dirt that has collected – it is recommended to wash twice a day.


Choose a neutral PH level when making an exfoliate purchase to best avoid drying out your skin. Try to minimize your exfoliate routine to about 3 times a week and keep in mind – the skin on your body needs exfoliation too!

3.Use a cleanser

Using a simple cleanser that gets the job done may be your best bet. Keeping the ingredients minimal protects your skin from receiving additional chemicals or ingredients that it does not require – so skip out on the strong scented, colourful mixes.

4.Apply an acne-fighting agent

Before making a purchase for an acne-fighting agent, figure out the twitch type of acne you have (comedonal acne, mild acne, inflammatory acne, acne with scarring). It’s important to use a moisturizer while using an acne-fighting product as it can dry out your skin.

5.Apply moisturizer

It is recommended to apply a moisturizer compatible with your skin type twice a day (morning and evening).  

6.Don’t pick at your skin

Picking at your skin and touching your face causes scarring, wrinkles, and spreads bacteria and dirt onto your face.

7.Protect yourself from the sun and general heat

Wearing sunscreen and avoiding direct heat on or near the face helps in preventing inflammation and skin damage.

8.Eat a healthy diet

Eating lots of greens provides your body with proper healthy nutrients – the bonus? It also helps to balance your skin’s oily/dryness.

9.Drink lots of water

Hydrating yourself both inside and out has been proven to help reduce breakouts and maintain healthier skin.

10.Manage your stress

Stress has been known to cause breakout – finding a way to reduce this stress and relax will help decrease breakout production. This can be done by meditating, exercising, and indulging in relaxing hobbies and passions.

11.Get good sleep

A lack of sleep or getting too few hours of sleep have shown to cause inflammation in the skin, worsening or creating acne. Aim to get 7 – 9 hours of quality sleep each night.

12.Choose makeup that won’t clog your pores

People who wear makeup are more likely to break out. To help avoid this, look for makeup that has “oil-free” or “non comedogenic” written on the product. Be sure to also remove any makeup before going to bed as it allows the makeup time to clog your pores especially as you typically produce additional oil in your sleep.

13.Regularly clean your makeup brushes

Keeping your brushes clean helps to prevent bacteria and dirt getting onto your face and clogging your pores. Not cleaning your brushes can also lead to infections, so it is super important to make a habit out of this.

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Written by: Kylie Lenartowicz

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