Written by: Janvi Singh

New York Fashion Week is around the corner and this year it is taking place from Feb 11th – Feb 16th. This fashion event isn’t limited to runways because it’s much more than that. 

During the pandemic, we witnessed various experiments done to present fashion virtually and in fact, New York Fashion Week 2021 returned with live physical shows after a year. Hanifa’s digitally rendered show and Carolina Sarria’s virtual runaway on Animal Crossing were among the trending topics. Last year, Thom Browne’s spring 2022 collection was one of the highlights of the event because of how incredibly he manages to narrate a story of a grand old house, a magical garden and statues coming to life through his fashion in a theatrical aspect.

Here is a little sneak peak into 2021’s New York Fashion Week: (photos from elle)


2.Tom Ford



This year, we are looking forward to seeing Shayne Oliver’s new Hood by Air runway collection which has been rebranded as SHAYNEOLIVER. This event is stretched over three nights from Feb 10th to 12th. Our focus will be on the second night i.e., Feb 11th where new music from Wench will be played on SHAYNEOLIVER’s runaway. Who doesn’t love the combination of fashion and music, right? Another highlighting event could be Telfar Clemens’ helicopter pad runaway on the East River and Irving Plaza.

Well-known names such as Tom Ford, Thom Browne, Marc Jacobs are not going to attend the NYFW 2022. But, we all know NYFW has always been experimental, and it would be exciting to see what younger and talented designers have for us.

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